“Idea generator, excellent presentation skills, helpful, thorough, good command of language and exceptional prose, capable of thinking outside the box and general all-round nice guy. David is also capable of bringing the unexpected to the table, and in marketing, sometimes that’s exactly what you need. An exceptional marketer with a clear grasp of the skills necessary to springboard products and services to new heights, I have no hesitation in recommending him.” March 3, 2010

Blandine Bastie, Strategic Marketing Manager, ProQuest


[In relation to Google Adwords advice]:

“Thanks so much for this document, it is really helpful. Your suggestions seem bang on in terms of targeting and focusing our advertising spend.”

James Ducker, Managing Director, Decent Group


Marketing consultancy and the work we undertake is a process: we first seek to find out through research what your current situation is, then establish a set of measurable objectives based upon your desired needs, before helping you plan and achieve those aims. The final part of the jigsaw is then to monitor and review your plans moving forwards.

Lawson Marketing is happy to provide case study material to illustrate examples of previous client work and projects undertake that have followed this methodology; however, to be of any value and meaning, the reader first needs to understand the background and what was trying to be achieved. Each client we have been retained by has its own complex situation we have first had to ‘unpack’ ourselves before we could commence  – our consultancy work is not as simple as “Say, can you design us a few flyers please?”

As a result, is very often easier to explain examples of our work during in a personal meeting. For more details of our work please contact us to arrange for an no-obligation free initial visit.