“Thanks so much for this document, it is really helpful. Your suggestions seem bang on in terms of targeting and focusing our advertising spend.”

James Ducker, Managing Director, Decent Group

[In relation to Google Adwords advice]

Decent Group

Decent Group is a leading European software developer development company that specialises in the use of FileMaker to help firms establish beautiful bespoke solutions to their system needs.

They approached us for help with business development strategy. One early requirement isolated was the need for a completely new website. We worked very closely with their Managing Director to map out the not just the look and feel of a new website, but also the purpose of the website – who would be the target end recipients and what messages would they need to see? How could this new site be made to look appealing and deliver the right messages in the right places and at the right time? We think the results speak for themselves.

We next moved on to producing a thorough strategic planning report for them, looking at all aspects of their company. We fully examined their market and their competitors and performed gap analyses to establish opportunities to maximise scope for onward development. New business objectives were set and a marketing communications strategy was put in place.

Monthly ongoing support then ensured that plans rolled out in a fashion that allowed for monitoring of ROI.

Decent Group

Website redesign, strategic planning, social media guidance, construction of marketing communications plan, contingency planning, competitor gap analysis, geo-demographic lead breakdown, segmentation, ongoing monthly reporting and advice. 

Analysis, design, market and customer research, planning, objective setting and report writing.

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