Whatever your research needs, large or small, we can offer a tailored service to suit your budget. All our research results are presented in a short report, with recommendations for action. Our research services include:

One-off pieces of market research can be very valuable to inform the progress of a campaign or help set the ground for a new campaign, and a more thorough market review at least once a year will help you to stay on top of your game.

“Thanks so much for this document, it is really helpful. Your suggestions seem bang on in terms of targeting and focusing our advertising spend.” – James Ducker (MD), Decent Group

Competitor research

We use a range of research tools as part of our corporate investigations and deliver our results to you in a report with highlights and recommendations for action. Our benchmarking and gap analysis techniques enable us to examine your competitors and identify where you can make a difference. We use secret shoppers in person, online or on the phone to check on how your competitors really operate and what they offer. Read more here

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Market size and trend analysis

We can provide a report that shows not only the shape and direction of your market over the last few years, but also extrapolate these findings to provide indicators of possible and likely expectations for future growth. The direction of travel and shape of a market is sometime difficult to ascertain when you get too close to it – sometimes an outsider’s view is an important tool. We can give you this external view based on solid evidence.

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Background research on potential business partners and opportunities

Our commercial due diligence research takes a careful look at situations before you enter into them and helps mitigate the risks of failure. We can help you assess projects and partners before you commit huge sums, and we can work with you to design exit strategies as a failsafe measure. Read more here

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Customer/client research

Understand your own customer/client base, their drivers and their opinions, their likes and dislikes, how satisfied they are, and you stand a much stronger chance of success. We research people’s views using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to bring you a true insight into your current and potential future customers. We can build a clear profile of your customers/clients that helps you plan and improve what you offer.

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