Gathering information

Market Research

In the competitive market of the 21st century, many organisations have to think not just locally, but nationally and internationally, so it’s more important than ever to find out as much as possible about your market. Research is important not only when launching a new product or service, but also as an ongoing tool to check how the shape of the market changes.

Lawson Marketing Consultancy can help with this important stage of new product development and ongoing monitoring of your market.

  • Research about similar products/services
  • Researching your clients’ opinions of your products/services
  • Research about market size and potential
  • Research on your competitors (including secret shopper)

Whatever your research needs, large or small, we can offer a tailored service to suit your budget. All our research results are presented in a short report, with recommendations for action.

One-off pieces of market research can be very valuable to inform the progress of a campaign or help set the ground for a new campaign, but we also encourage you to undertake a more thorough market review at least once a year to stay on top of your game. Use the links to the left and take a look at the various audits we offer.

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