Customer care is absolute if you want to spread a positive impression.

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All eventualities prepared for and practiced in advance.

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Get heard by the right people in the right place at the right time.

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Integrated communications plans designed around corporate strategic goals.

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All manner of copy catered for, from annual reports to tongue-in-cheek promotions.

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The right level of support you need whenever you need it – you choose.

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Communications, relationship management and public perception are all just as important as sales if your business is going to be a success – without the right communications to your market you may only sell a fraction of your potential; without the correct follow-up and support you may lose customer loyalty and repeat business; and without sufficient messaging in the right pace, in the right way and at the right time, perception of your company will be poor and your brand will suffer.

Lawson Marketing offers a range of public relations and communications services to help you here.

“Companies that once had to go through media to deliver information are now themselves media”

Customer experience management

Customer care is perhaps the most powerful tool when it comes to business growth and brand recognition. From the initial point of contact that your customers make with you it is essential that the experience is well considered and looks professional. Whether you need a professional and crisp email signature design or need to install a client interface system, our professional services team can help you put in place both online and offline support services that will make you the envy of your sector and that will provide the level of customer service fulfilment you need.

Not only can we help you support best practice in customer communications, we can also help you monitor, review and improve these communications, providing regular feedback, training and communication management changes as required.

Improve your customers’ experience; call us now.

Emergency communications and disaster recovery

In the event of any emergency situation that affects your company or your brand, swift action is essential. You may not always have the privilege of time to think about how to respond to a situation; instead you will need to implement a series pre-planned actions. Brand recovery from corporate mistakes (or poor public perception) can also pose a very serious issue if not dealt with swiftly and in the correct manner.

We will use our experience of emergency communications to help you devise, implement and practice emergency protocols to deal with a range of possible situations to protect your company and your brand.

Be prepared; talk to us about emergency communications.

Press releases and media management

Draw attention to your successes and achievements as well as dealing with difficult issues through well-targeted press releases. We can offer fast writing of punchy press releases for a range of media. We can also manage your media for you, building lists and networks and maintaining relationships with journalists and publications. A positive relationship with the media will enhance your company’s reputation.

Lawson Marketing has years of experience in writing releases and promoting messages to market.

If you want your company to be heard more, contact us today.

Marketing communications

Effective, planned communications are the true essence of a company’s offering; the way you sell yourself through your communications is what really determines what kind of a company you are and how your market will perceive you. Lawson Marketing can help you define your market, establish sensible objectives and organise the right type of communications to the right markets at the right time – online, offline and fully integrated.

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Copywriting is time consuming and labour intensive, and different types of messages need to be written (or spoken) to suit specific target audiences. Lawson Marketing knows how to write good copy; we can write copy to suit a range of media and audiences, to get your message out in the right way. Whether you are producing an annual report, responding to a tender, writing a business or marketing plan, preparing for a merger or takeover, or composing mailshots, advertising or a regular newsletter to your customers – talk to us and let us relieve you of this pressure.

Let your copy speak for itself; give us a call.

Campaign management

Whether you need ad-hoc support, short-term mentoring or full campaign management, we can help. We can ease the burden of your work by providing complete campaign services in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Media planning
  • Online marketing
  • SEO and local SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Local area marketing
  • Email and e-newsletters
  • Lapsed subscriber campaigns
  • PPC/adwords review service
  • Brand advocacy support

Our campaign management includes a full report on the success of each campaign.

Run efficient campaigns that really work; contact us now.

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