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“Companies that once had to go through media to deliver information are now themselves media”

Full marketing function outsource

Whether you need to outsource some or all of your marketing, we can handle it.

We will fully review your current situation and competitors and perform a series of market trend analyses before bringing our findings together into a solid marketing plan and marketing communications strategy based on realistic business objectives.

If required, we will also handle implementation according to your budget. Our promotional activities on your behalf will provide your company with an integrated marketing approach that will ensure we hit your target audience from various angles, reporting back to you on a regular basis to provide evidence of the return on your spend.

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Brand advocacy

Gaining followers on twitter and Facebook is a lovely distraction that people frequently use to explain away their “online marketing strategy”, but if those followers don’t actually add any value to your supply chain then they’re nothing more than numbers. We can help locate your brand advocates that will make your online strategy really work for you.

We look for those people who are most likely to be proactive in their use of social media to recommend things to others, and we formulate strategies to help them become key influencers for you. Then, we provide incentives and rewards to encourage these influencers to proactively develop special interest communities on your behalf, to help your brand become the most talked about and recommended in your market.

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Channel marketing

It’s not just your own staff who should be advocates of your brand. The development and execution of an effective channel marketing strategy will set you aside from your competitors and give you a competitive edge, ensuring all the partners in your supply chain help to disseminate your values.

Lawson Marketing has experience of dealing with effective ways in which your brand promise and corporate value proposition can most effectively be promoted throughout every link that exists between you, your suppliers, your customers and other related audiences.

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Marketing consultancy: strategy, analysis and planning

Where do you want your organisation to be next year or in three years, ten years? What is your strategy for achieving your goals? We can help you devise successful strategies for growth based on business intelligence and deliver a plan for you to see the strategy through.

With extensive experience and sound qualifications in marketing and business, LMC offers consultancy that works, whether it’s the bigger strategic picture or tactical operational advice. We will review and analyse your systems and activities, resulting in suggestions for improvements and increased efficiency based on current best practice.

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Conferencing and events management

Sometimes you spot a conference that sounds just right for you – but you don’t have the time or staff available to commit to it. Lawson Marketing can fulfil your conferencing and event needs, no matter how large or small, no matter what the location. Our services here include: stand design and delivery, organisation and set-up, staffing, supply of promotional materials, online promotion, and event follow-up and reporting. Read more here

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Website management

Your website is your shop window to the world – your online brochure and opportunity to sell yourself. Two big problems exist here though: getting your website looking great so people will engage with what you have to say, and once you’ve got it the way you want it, keeping it up to date to make sure it remains relevant. Unless you have dedicated staff to do this for you, the design / development and upkeep of your website can quickly become an onerous task that drags you away from other business critical tasks.

We can manage the whole website process for you. Thanks to our team of dedicated web and graphic media staff we guarantee you improved online presence professionally managed in line with your corporate objectives and supported with regular management reports to detail actions taken and progress made, to enable you to monitor tangible returns on your investment.

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