Audit fees

NB Bespoke quotations will be produced for each audit, the following prices are indicative baseline figures only.  Depending on the size and complexity of the task in hand, these figures will fluctuate – for smaller firms where the work can be completed within the timeframe a further reduction may be made; for larger organisations where it is anticipated audits will take much longer a separate fixed rate may be agreed in advance.

We will always work with you to tailor our service (and our fees) to match your expectation. Please explore the standardised make-up of our audits here, and if you wish to add or remove any specific requirements and compile your own bespoke audit, then we’d be absolutely delighted to discuss this.

Silver Audit:
Starting from £1,500, based on 3 days’ work

Gold audit:
Starting from £2,000, based on 5 days’ work

Platinum Audit:
Starting from £3,500, based on 10 days’ work

Website audit:
Starting from £500

You can find out more about our audit service, our approach and what you will receive here.