Three levels of assistance

To explore the ways in which Lawson Marketing can improve your current marketing operations, take a look at our audits below and choose a service that matches your current needs.


Marketing Health Check

Marketing your business is no different than looking after your own health:

Do you watch what you eat?

    • There are some basic things we know are very important – we have to do these on a regular basis (and we’re confident we’re doing these well).

Do you go to the gym?

    • Some other things we realise are important to do, but there are only so many hours in the day and we’ve other more pressing matters (we’ll do these if we get time)

Do you check your Cholesterol?

  • And finally there are those things we know we really should be doing in an ideal world, but hey – it’s not an ideal world we live in and for whatever reason (time, money, resources) we probably just won’t get around to these.

One of the biggest problems companies face is that, like people, they’re all different and so have different needs. It’s not possible to just produce a list of marketing activities, then label these as a ‘standard marketing plan’ – each strategic operation put in place has to suit the particular needs of that organisation.

The purpose of the LMC Marketing Health Check is to take your business on a quick trip to the doctors. During our initial consultation we will spend an hour with you to fully analyse your current position, what you did to get where you are now and where you would like to be.

We will talk about what’s led you to where you are now, what your competition are doing (as far as you know), what you feel is working well and what isn’t.

Current situation:
We’ll then go on to talk about what you’ve been doing to date in the way of ‘marketing’, how much you are spending on it as a business function, whether you are noticing any returns for your efforts and how you are going about monitoring these.

Finally we’ll discuss where you would like to be, what you want to achieve, what your current USPs and mission statement are, whether these are realistic.

Our first consultation is completely free and carries no obligation whatsoever. We operate like this because we are confident that we will be able to show you during that meeting the benefits that marketing consultancy can hold for your business.

Following this FREE consultation, our recommendation would be that you allow us to perform a thorough independent objective review of your company’s current marketing activities. We would provide you with a written report of our findings together with a recommendation for a one-year strategic plan of action that would very quickly pay for itself.

Like a trip to the doctors, if you are concerned to ensure that everything is operating as efficiently as it should be, then all you have to lose is your own time for a consultation. Can you spare an hour to find out more?

Check your symptoms

If you suffer any of the following symptoms you should see the LMC Doctor straight away!

  • Customer attrition – have any of your customers switched to a new supplier
  • Revenue stagnant – are you ticking along as normal? Well, see the LMC Doctor, your revenue stream should be increasing year-on-year
  • No feedback – if you don’t know what your customers think about your company and your products/services, then this is a very serious symptom, you need instant referral to a specialist!

The type of questions the Doctor will ask you!

  • How often do you talk to your customers?
  • How do you go about maximising renewals / customer retention?
  • What’s your current approach to gaining new business?
  • Do you have a system in place to gain business through referrals?
  • Do you use social media as a route to attracting new business?
  • What share of the market do you command?
  • Can you easily identify your top 10 key accounts?
  • How do you currently reward customer loyalty?
  • How many types of message do you make to your chosen market (brochures, radio, press releases, web, public speaking…)?
  • Do you have clearly defined reasons for your promotional activities?
  • How do you measure how successful your promotional activities have been (do you calculate your return on investment)?


Cholesterol check: HDL – High Density Lipoprotein
Collateral check: HDL – Highly Desirable Leaflets?

(When was the last time you checked the cholesterol of your marketing?)