It is with great delight that we can announce the winner of this year’s Design Competition as Doria Sike from Romania. Doria’s three designs were original photographs used to illustrate the themes of “Return on investment”, “Strategy” and “Competitive Rivalry”.


Well done Doria your prize is on its way!

So how did Doria get so many votes? We investigate…

Social media wins out!

This competition entrant’s success was not down to mere chance, but (rather appropriately) strategy. Aside from using Facebook and Twitter to promote her entries among her group of friends, she also compelled her friends to promote her images on their website, too. The very simple strategy of “Please come and vote for my picture and hit “share” while you are there :)” really paid off!

One of her three entries, Competitive Rivalry, became a clear runaway victor with 117 votes, but take a look at the number of times the image had been shared… 35 in total!

competitive rivalry

An analysis of the top competition entrants shows some very interesting results. As well as recording how many votes each image received, we also kept track of the number of times every image was shared using social media links provided, and the average was around 4 votes gained for every time an image was shared. Surprisingly, there was very little deviation away from this average.

This promotion methodology also held true in respect of the results order:

1st place              266 votes             shared 58 times

2nd place               210 votes             shared 49 times

3rd place               102 votes             shared 28 times

Here then is a simple but effective illustration of the efficacy of promotion through social media.

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