Design Competition 2012 - Poster

Our Design Competition 2012 has been officially launched!

The competition is open to anyone interesting in marketing and design. To participate all you need to do is select three separate marketing concepts from the list of topics and design a set of three postcards to illustrate them. To help you promote this competition we have made a poster that you can print off and display on your notice board at work, in your University or wherever else you think people might like to see it.

Click the image above to see the full poster as a printable pdf.

Tips for success

Once you have uploaded your designs to our competition the public will be able to vote their favorites and the designer of the most popular set of postcards will win £500! So the best way to win is tell your friends. To help you out here, we’ve included some promotional social media buttons, which will appear underneath your entries. If you happen to see an image that you think is really nice, why not use these buttons and share it among your friends?

How to promote your work

Alternatively, on the top right of the website, you’ll find a share facility that you can use to connect with.. well pretty much everything I guess!


Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

For those participating: be sure to read carefully the full Terms and Conditions before you enter and note that the closing date for this competition is 14 December 2012.

Contact Us

Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you later today.

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