As our latest six-week training course “Practical Editing” comes to a close, feedback from students who attended has been better than ever.

“Thank you or a rich and rewarding course”, said one student.

The success of this course and the earlier six-week Marketing Masterclasses we ran at Anglia Ruskin proved so popular that they were reported in Cambridge News. You can read the full article here.

While our first course provided an Insight to Marketing Management, this most recent course provided students with a thorough understanding of proofreading and copy editing as well as an overview of editorial practices and relationships within the industry. Both courses were designed specifically to meet demands of students who had called for classes of this nature and both were promoted at a price that made them very affordable to those on a tight budget!

Lawson Marketing has run many successful courses for business clients, all designed specifically to the client requirements – business planning, campaign management, marketing theory and strategy to name a few. Why not ask us in to update your team with the latest marketing skills? Take a look through our training pages for more ideas and contact us today.

You can read more of our training feedback on our testimonials page here.

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