CaMedia in conjunction with Media Trust organised a “speed matching” event in Anglia Ruskin University during April. Lawson Marketing was among the local businesses that stepped up to the mark to help out charities with pro-bono work, as David Lawson reports.

We’ve all heard of speed dating –  where a group of single people come together in a room and spend a few minutes talking to each other in rotation in the hope that a dream match will result. Their rationale for turning up, of course, can be somewhat subjective… are they there because they don’t normally have the opportunity to meet up with others and are looking to widen their circle of friends, or are they just unsure of what they want/need and don’t know where to start looking?

Well, to a certain extent the same is true of speed matching. Only this time, it’s companies (charities on this occasion) that come together in a room with professional business “advisors”, and they look for suitable partnerships that could be developed.

Often firms can become myopic and get so close to what they are doing that it becomes difficult to see the solutions they need. It is then that an external opinion can count like gold! And this is what speed matching events gives people: the opportunity to talk – to raise their queries and concerns and see what other profession experts outside of their organisations think.

The CaMedia event saw eight charities and eight industry experts (including copy writers, marketing, recruitment and internet experts) come together for a fun and fast-paced evening’s networking and collaboration. Charities remained seated and the advisors moved around the room as their allotted time with each “pitch” expired; a fair amount of additional networking happened over the wine and food that accompanied the event of course!

Overall the event was a tremendous success and feedback has shown that a number of successful relationships developed as a result of the event. Media Trust, the group who work alongside charities in the UK and who helped to organise this CaMedia-hosted event, where so delighted with the outcome and positive feedback they received, that plans are already afoot to host a similar follow-up event later in the year.

Caroline Diehl, Chief Executive, Media Trust said “Charities have a unique ability to reach into communities and make a difference where it matters most. Events such as these help us harness local skills and support that are so valuable to making an impact”.

Any companies interested in becoming involved in future speed matching events can contact Rob Chant, the Chairman of CaMedia.
– David Lawson

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