Have you ever produced a marketing campaign that you thought was great – you show it to your colleagues for a second opinion, you ask your sales reps what they think, your manager tells you what a good job you’ve done and you go home feeling happy – but when you come to run the campaign it turns out to be a complete flop? Maybe it just didn’t create the level of leads you’d anticipated; maybe you were then unable to monitor which leads came from that campaign and which came from some other source; or maybe it didn’t realise desired objectives because you didn’t define clearly enough exactly what those objectives were.

The chances are that a campaign failing is less about it being ill conceived and poorly designed, but more likely due to the fact the campaign was aimed at the wrong market, in the wrong place or went live at the wrong time.

The same is true for conferences – these are often time consuming and expensive affairs and if you want to be able to justify attendance the following year then recording a level of your ROI is very important, but hand on heart – do you do that?

Lawson Marketing, based in Cambridge, is running a one-day course that will explain to you everything you need to consider if you want to run a truly successful promotional campaign.

  • Learn how to get it right first time and avoid all the pitfalls.
  • Learn about configuring your marketing strategy to align with corporate objectives.
  • Discover effective methods for market segmentation and targeting.
  • Discover simple and effective ways to maximise the use of various e-marketing tools.

This is a packed, fun and interactive training session, run by an experienced and qualified trainer designed to help marketing teams spend their time and resources more effectively. Make sure you know how to incorporate the most appropriate tools into your marketing strategy. Why not join us for the day?

More information: www.lawsonmarketing/training
Date of course: 2nd November 2010
Location: St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Cost: £300 +VAT per attendee (discounts available)
Bookings: training@lawsonmarketing.co.uk

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