Marketing your product information both to clients externally and staff internally can be achieved effectively using PowerPoint presentations. But to compile a quality presentation can take time, time you don’t always have…

PowerPoint can be a great tool, but used in a rush it can leave the viewer focussing on small errors rather than key content. Consistent formatting and layout for example are paramount to a crisp finish.

After that, it’s the little things that can bring a presentation to life: quality images, well thought-out animation, precise slide transition and timing, even an element of humour.

Lawson Marketing has experience of compiling quality presentation material (including speaker notes), leaving you with time to concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Furthermore, with a strong background in supplying public presentations, both to small and large groups, face-to-face and via weblink, LMC is well positioned to deliver your presentation on your behalf. You might also be interested in making recordings of presentations so you can build up a permanent repository that can be drawn upon at a later date.

  • Presentation compilation
  • Presentation delivery
  • Presentation recording

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us today.

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